Connection. Not coronavirus.
  1. What we're doing
  2. Lauren's Heart Healing Meditation Video
  3. Salt Bath Recipe
Bunkered up in our homes, this experience is calling on all humans to rise up, evolve, and reimagine ourselves.  

We get to decide what we create. 

We get to decide our future.

And this is a wake up call.

Lauren and I (and our fabulous facilitators around the globe) are committed to provide our community with love and support through these times.

Here is what we're doing:
  • We are planning free online community gatherings in the next few weeks
  • We are moving many of our events and workshops online.  (And we love that this enables those of you who are not in our 25 cities to finally attend our events!)
  • We will provide discount codes for those of you economically challenged by this pandemic.
  • We are adding more somatic practice, to help your nervous system relax, release negative emotions, and create space for pleasure.
  • Even Tantra Speed Date has started online, and folks resoundingly enjoy it!  In some ways, they open up even more.  We can already see how this evolves down the road--perhaps a dating app?--espousing the principles of tantra and dating on a grander scale.
We never imagined what we could create until circumstances made it necessary.

How can this new shift bring out your best?
For us... we had been talking about online content for a while. 

So this is simply the proverbial kick to accelerate where we've been procrastinating. :)

We all still need connection and intimacy. 

Now more than ever while our physical intimacy is restricted.

Stay tuned... We'll keep you po
sted with more updates, tips, and offerings in the coming days.

We will get through this together.

And we'll be better for it!

In the meantime, some free goodies below!
Love from all of us,
Guy & Lauren & all our facilitators
The Tantra Institute
1. Lauren's Heart Healing Meditation
2. Soothing Salt Bath Recipe
  • 2 cups epsom salt in a hot bath
  • Essential oils (some of our favorites: Lavender, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Geranium)
  • Loose leaf tea (any kind--make a teabag and put it in your bath)
  • (optional) Milk and Honey to soften your skin
  • Your favorite books or music
  • Candles, scented to stimulate your senses (and turn off the lights)
  • Soak for at least 20 minutes
  • Phone on silent :)
  • Rinse and repeat!
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